The benefits of yoga are far ranging and plentiful. Following is just some of the things yoga can help with: addfada

  • increased flexibility, strength and vitality

  • strengthening the immune system

  • improving circulation

  • stretching and toning muscles

  • releasing tension and tightness in the body

  • improving concentration and focus

  • reducing stress and anxiety

  • calming the mind and relaxing the body

  • encouraging connection of our physical, mental and spiritual selves.

Everyone has different levels of physical strength and flexibility and will provide individual attention / adjustments for comfort and safety. The use of props will assist you to work at your level achieving the essence of the posture and its benefits.

Through attending regular classes you will develop your own experience of yoga so you can work out what you need and take your practice home or anywhere.

Join me for a class
Saturdays 8:30–10:00am

@ Yogaphysio, 115 Haig Road Auchenflower

Tips for Yoga Classes

  • Best not to eat for 2 hours before, or just have something light

  • Arrive 10 mins early so you can prepare for the class

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in

  • Bring some water to keep hydrated

  • Listen to your body and what feels right, resting when you need to

  • Do your best – every time you practice is a new opportunity for growth

  • No comparing – everyone is unique and at different levels. It’s all about you!

  • Relax and enjoy.