My name is Kyle-Lee Young. I began suffering stress and anxiety in 1999, though I didn’t know it at the time. I was feeling out of my depth in a new job, driving long distances in heavy traffic to work, and partying on weekends. Needless to say, I wasn’t looking after myself.

Stress turns into a panic attack

I had one of the scariest experiences of my life when I had a panic attack one night. For months after, I suffered insomnia, anxiety, racing thoughts and constant worry and found it difficult to socialise. It wasn’t a life I was prepared to keep living.

Yoga for stress

At my friend’s behest, I tried yoga. Initially it was difficult, but I always felt relaxed, calm and happy by the end of class. I found yoga helped me sleep deeply and to cope with work at my new job. I fell in love with how yoga made me feel. I wanted to share it – so I decided to become a teacher.


Yoga in modern life

My life is still busy. I work full-time in an office, but yoga and meditation helps me prevent and minimise stress, anxiety and burnout. Sometimes things become difficult, despite my best prevention. Then yoga is invaluable for restoring equilibrium faster.

Whether you can reach your toes or not is irrelevant. Yoga provides countless practical tools and techniques that you can use in your modern life to bring harmony and balance, while still enjoying life to the fullest.


Registered Level 2 Teacher, Yoga Australia

Senior Teacher, Australian Meditation Association

Teacher training COMPLETED

2006   Level 1 Yoga in Daily Life (200 hour)

2010   Level 1 Teacher Training In Touch Yoga (200 hour)

2012   Level 1 Yogaphysio (elements of 150 hours)

2013   Level 2 Yoga Therapy Part 1 In Touch Yoga (100 hours)

2014   Meditation as Therapy, YIMI (100hr training)

2014   Meditation for Spiritual Development, YIMI (100hr training)

2018   Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (in progress)